Nighthawk Community Connector 2.0


What does the Nighthawk Community Connector do?
The Nighthawk Community Connector provides a centralized place for community agencies to engage with faculty, staff, and students at the University of North Georgia. The Connector helps you make requests for meaninful partnerships with the University in one place and get connected to the appropriate University representative. Our goal is to make your process as seamless as psosible!

How does the Nighthawk Community Connector work?
First, we facilitate connections for faculty and staff who want to engage with community organizations for teaching, research and service purposes. We help identify potential organizations who may be interested in hosting faculty, staff, and students for projects, service learning opportunities, or activities in the classroom. Essentially, we reduce some of the burden involved in bringing practical applications and activities into the classroom.

Second, we facilitate connections for community organizations who wish to engage with the university in meaningful ways. We create a streamlined, efficient method for community organizations to request assistance from the University’s faculty, students and staff. We are not a grant funding mechanism. We match specific needs from organizations serving our communities to the resources within the University, based on availability and ability.

What are some examples of potential connections?
From the faculty side of the Connector: A management professor wants students to gain skill in conducting SWOT analyses, while simultaneously strengthening the local nonprofit sector. The professor could submit a request to the Connector for assistance in finding qualified nonprofit organizations in the community interested in this type of free capacity building activity.

From the community side of the Connector: A local nonprofit free clinic is building a food bank program and would like assistance to create marketing materials for their new program. The nonprofit could submit a request to the Connector to be matched with faculty, students or staff in the Visual Arts Department who are interested in providing this as an in-class or service project.